Masahiro Display Box Series Sakura | MA-003R

Masahiro Display Box Series Sakura | MA-003R

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Ê Masahiro Display Box Series (MA-001B, MA-001R, MA-002B, MA-002R, MA-003B, and MA-003R) Swords are all equipped with an extremely durable carbon steel blade that can cut steel wire without chipping. Available in 3 Zink alloy tsuba designs. These swords have a lacquered finish wooden saya and simulated rayskin wrapped tsuka with quality sageo & ito braid. Each sword comes complete with hang tag and sword bag. The decorative triangular box is designed to be a stand as well. Ê Sakura – Cherry Blossom Overall Length: 41″ Blade: 27″ Handle: 10-3/4 Ê

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